I have been doing security at nightclubs and pubs for the past 3 years so I’ve got some self defense tips. I would like to share some advice and some tactics on how to handle and properly using self defense in any watering hole where a fight breaks out.

Bar fight self defense moves #1. – If you are going out to drink, be sure to bring a friend or even a couple with you. The more people you have with you is better because a lot of bar fights end up with 3 or more people fighting. Even if it is one originally one on one. Having backup is a good thing at all times.

Night club self defense tips #2. – Be friendly, polite and respectful to the bar staff and especially the bouncers. I would suggest you make small talk with the bouncers and introduce yourself making friendly conversation. Being friendly to the bouncers will give you an edge against other patrons. Follow these tips below.

Bar fight self defense moves #3. – If you are being threatened by a drunk let a bouncer know. Secondly avoid bar fighting at all costs in the club completely. If you do end up brawling in the bar, the bouncers won’t be nice to you. They get offended by people fighting in their territory.

Night club self defense tips #4. – If you do end up in a fight unload every combat method you know. The fight will be broken up by the club security in under 20 seconds depending on the bouncers.

Bar fight self defense moves #5. – If you are attacked by a drunk with a broken bottle or knife use bar seats or stools to keep distance from you and the attacker until help arrives. Let the doormen know what is going on immediately. Be friendly, polite and do not act hostile after the fight is broken up.

Night club self defense tips #6. – If you are being kicked out of the club, ask the bouncer that is kicking you out to let you out a different door then your attacker. (Preferably a back alley exit.) I hope you enjoyed these free tips.

Nightclubs and bars can be especially dangerous places because of alcohol, drugs and testosterone. Remember ladies, always watch your drinks and never accept an opened beverage from a stranger.

Source by Steve Gib