Now that you have purchased and installed an above ground pool, you might want to consider adding an above ground pool deck as well. Adding a deck is quite often the next item on the pool owner’s wish list.

Decking is a good addition for a couple of reasons; first, it adds more usable space to your pool by providing a horizontal surface at the water level for lounge chairs and other items. Next, adding an above ground pool deck will provide a finished look to your new pool. When it is either partially or completely surrounded by decking, your pool is a much more complete and usable recreation area. And, it is a security feature as well. When equipped with a locking gate (and most are) unauthorized persons are prevented from entering your pool.

Constructing your own deck can conceivably save you some money but only if you already have the necessary carpentry and building skills, tools and patience to see a large and complicated building project through to completion. If, on the other hand, you don’t already possess the necessary tools and skills, an elevated deck is not the type of project to learn on.

So, if you aren’t going to build it yourself, that leaves two options; one, hire a reputable company to build one for you, or two, purchase a prefabricated deck. Both options have advantages and challenges.

If you choose to have a deck built for you have much more say in the decking design and the selection of the materials of the finished product. The challenge is that you will have to select a builder who is competent to meet all the local building codes and has experience in constructing elevated swimming pool decks.

Should you decide on one of the many available prefabricated swimming pool deck kits, all the required parts and instructions for installation will be delivered to your location by truck. You are still responsible for meeting local building codes while installing your new deck and once you have made your choice, the deck really cannot be modified without a lot of additional work. The prefabricated decks are usually constructed of powder coated steel framing underneath and resin decking and railings. These materials are more weather resistant than wood and will provide years of service with very little maintenance.

If your goal is to save some money and still enjoy a deck around your above ground pool a prefabricated decking kit may be your best option.

Source by Jesse L Moore