Aluminum patio furniture is very much in vogue across the United States and other countries, too. Such furniture has the strength of wood furniture, but the lightness of plastic chairs, and can be easily moved around without breaking a sweat.

It also makes a beautiful decoration to your patio. Good quality aluminum is rustproof and light weight. It’s strong enough for heavier adults, and is comfortable for children. It’s created and designed in a way to withstand extreme heat, cold and rain. It is durable enough to last you and your family many years.

It is normally powder coated to prevent rust, and make it stronger. When most people think of aluminum patio furniture, they think of aluminum chairs and tables. However, don’t forget about rocking chairs, recliners, bar chairs, aluminum umbrella stands, frames and aluminum flower pots.

Because aluminum can be shaped into many figures, you can have nearly any type of custom design that you want. Although it’s simple material, it can be made to look stylish and elegant.

Types of Aluminum Patio Furniture

You can purchase both non-painted and painted aluminum patio furniture. The biggest difference is that non-painted can eventually become oxidized from years in the elements. This will cause it to lose some of its shine. However, since they are rust resistant, you can apply special metal polish to restore their original luster.

For stronger material, try purchasing commercial grade aluminum patio furniture. By doing this, your furniture will last longer, and protect against mildew and other substances that can damage the surface.

Regardless of the type of furniture you choose, make sure that it contains an iron-clad warranty for a long period of time.

Best Ways to Clean Aluminum Patio Furniture

Cleaning is as easy as some indoor furniture. However, it can sometimes be exposed to extreme weather conditions, and it will collect dust and dirt. Your furniture will also get stains from people spilling drinks and other food on them. Generally, your furniture can be cleaned with warm soapy water, or other mild detergents.

In addition to cleaning, it also needs proper maintenance and care. It’s good to keep your furniture covered during times when you don’t plan on using them for longer periods of time.

Tips about Aluminum Patio Furniture

• Aluminum umbrellas are great to protect against the strong sun. Make sure the design you choose is also strong enough to stand when it’s a little breezy outside.

• Aluminum chairs are also great if you’re having a cookout, or even as a change of location for your family meals.

• If you live near the ocean, salt water can cause damage to some aluminum. Check with the manufacturer if the aluminum you are purchasing can stand up to those conditions. If so, make sure that’s included in your warranty.

• In addition to soap and water, it’s also possible to clean your furniture with vinegar.

• You can use car wax on your non-textured aluminum. Apply it once or twice a year to keep it shiny. Just make sure you don’t apply it to textured aluminum.

There are many kinds of aluminum patio furniture to choose from. It’s best to take your time and choose what looks best for your patio.

Source by Joyce Henry