There are numerous gas catering equipment products in the hospitality industry and the demand for gas kitchen equipment is on the increase as people are looking for ways to save on exorbitant electricity costs. Unfortunately, in South Africa load shedding has become a common occurrence and the restaurant industry is more often subjected to electricity load shedding that equates to losses. It is essential for a restaurant to be operational despite electricity outages in their area. Anvil has recognized this gap in the market, thus they have manufactured a range of gas powered catering equipment. This range includes reliable and quality gas fryers for the commercial kitchen.

Anvil Gas Fryers are quickly becoming the French fries fryers of choice amongst restaurants, take away outlets, and cafes. They are suitable for small to medium sized restaurants and caterers as it offers a medium to large volume of French fries. This kitchen equipment is thermostatically controlled and can be lit manually with a pilot flame. From a safety perspective, it has a built-in safety thermostat protection and a flame failure safety cut off valve.

The Anvil 20L Fryer (Gas) is the largest one in the range at 70 kilograms with a 20 litre oil capacity and twin basket operation. It has a large surge area tank design and a 40 millimeter drain valve with extension tube. It is able to produce approximately 40 kilograms of French fries per hour.

The Anvil Single Pan Fryer (Gas) is a smaller unit at 11 kilograms with an 8 litre oil capacity. It produces approximately 4 kilograms of French fries per hour. It has a stainless steel construction and an automatic electric piezzo starter. This fryer is easy to clean with a fully welded oil tank that is fitted with a safety interlocked drain valve. It has an adjustable temperature of between 66 degrees Celsius and 200 degrees Celsius.

The Anvil Double Pan Fryer (Gas) is a medium sized unit at 21 kilograms and an oil capacity of two 8 litres. It produces approximately 8 kilograms of French fries per hour. The remainder of the features are similar to the Single Pan Fryer. The single and double pan versions each have a flame failure safety device.

The Anvil Gas Fryer is an integral piece of catering equipment for any food establishment that serves French fries all day. This range of gas fryers is safety approved by the LPG Association of SA. It is gas powered and is not dependent on electricity which means that you can continue producing French fries during power outages.

Source by Stana Peete