Cafe Coins and Cafe Cash are the two types of money you need to reach Cafe World domination. Do you have a plan for getting enough of each? If not, I can help.

I used to be confused about the differences between the two. But not anymore. That’s thanks to Cafe World Domination, the excellent new guide for this cool Facebook game. Now only do I now understand the difference, I know the best ways to earn both Cafe Coins and Cafe Cash. Interested in some tips?

Cafe Coins

Coins are the regular, every-day kind of money in the game. Customers use coins to pay for their food. You use coins to buy supplies, or decorations for your cafe. In other words, coins are the main money you’ll need, and you’ll need lots of them.

Since this is so, it’s good that coins are pretty easy to acquire. Early in the game, there will be more stuff you want to buy than you have coins to pay for. So thrift is in order at the beginning. You’ll want to go easy on things like clothes and decorations, and use your coins for things like buying stoves, tables, and chairs. After all, these are the things that will let you earn more coins more quickly. If you’re smart about this, it won’t be long before you’re earning more coins than you can reasonably spend.

Cafe Cash

Cash is an altogether different animal. It’s tough to earn, but you don’t really need much of it early in the game. That’s good, because you really need to save your cash for later. Why?

Saving your cash early on is crucial because as you progress through the game there will be items that you really want that you can only get with Cafe Cash. Some delayed gratification early on will really benefit you later in the game.

Every time you go up a level in the game, you receive 1 unit of cash. Beyond that, you can actually buy game cash with real-world money. Many players supplement their supply of game cash by clicking the Get Cafe Coins and Cash tab at the top of the screen and spending real money.

One more way exists to earn cash, and it doesn’t require you to spend real world money. On the bottom of the Coins and Cash page are a bunch of surveys. You can actually earn Cafe Cash and Coins for taking a few minutes to complete some of these surveys. When you do so, any coins or cash you earn get deposited into your game account, usually within a day.

Source by Patrick Mannson