Bar stools are great additions to any room in the home where a little extra seating is needed. Many patio sets are even designed with the high bar stool look in mind.

Choosing the perfect bar stool for the room you have in mind can be what makes or breaks the design of your room; if you do not take the time that is necessary to take the proper measurements, then you probably will not be able to put as much use into your new bar stools as you'd like. Having the right height and size bar stool is essential to having a good experience. If the stool is too high or too low and your elbows can not come into contact with the counter, that can create a great deal of discomfort, not to mention back and neck problems that nobody wants to have to deal with. Taking these measurements in the very beginning when you first realize your need for bar stools for any room in your home can save you a lot of time going back and forth to the store, a lot of money and definitely a lot of pain and discomfort in the long run.

Choosing the perfect bar stool is all about realizing what the bar stools are going to be used for, and what types of bar stools you actually need for that purpose. If you are just looking for a set of stools to have sitting around in the kitchen, perhaps something to sit on in front of the stove or while chopping onions at the counter. If you have the type of family that likes to sit and talk with you while you cook, bar stools are great for this purpose as well but in this case the best type of bar stool is the classic high stool, with a foot rest halfway up the length of the leg and no back to it. Not only are these stools easy to move around, but they are more easily stored than other bar stools, in linen closets or under kitchen counters.

If you are in need of a bar stool as a form of seating in the kitchen or dining room, consider the more comfortable version with a padded seat and a back to it. Many times, these types of bar stools even come with arm rests on the sides of them just like regular chairs. This makes for a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and they are more comfortable to sit and eat in, and socialize for an extended period of time.

Choosing the perfect bar stool for any room in your home is all about understanding the style of the room and the ways in which finding the perfect bar stool can completely transform that room.

Source by Leo Collins