Double decker patios are charming and functional, if designed properly. This is what makes Southern American homes more inviting, especially when furnished with wicker chairs and adorned with lovely plants and flowers. If you are fortunate to have this type of home, here are some suggestions on how to enhance the look and function of your patio.

The upper level of your patio is your instant roof over the lower portion, which can now be your space for relaxation or your al fresco dining area on a hot summer. Furnish it with an outdoor dining table and comfortable chairs that are scaled according to the size of your patio.. A country bench or a swing attached by decorative but sturdy chains to the upper deck is a good idea for additional seating that is eye-catching. Hanging baskets and potted plants are perfect complements for this patio setting.

There are many other functional decorative pieces you could add to the lower portion of your double decker patio. If your next door neighbors are too close by, you can install a matching wooden lattice on the sides of the patio so you can have a little privacy without depriving yourself of an open space. You might want to purchase wooden chests or vinyl storage boxes that can double up as coffee or side tables. If your patio has enough height, you can place a ceiling fan lamp, instead of an ordinary lamp, to also help you get through the warmer days.

You can leave your upper deck fully open or you can have a retractable awning installed, so you can enjoy the space, even when it is raining or even when there’s too much sunshine. This might be a better place to station your barbecue equipment, instead of the patio below. Having a barbecue under deck would have a big risk of burning the ceiling or the floor of your patio’s upper level. If you decide to have a grilling station on the upper deck, you might want to furnish the space with a buffet table and a dining table with couches or cushioned benches as seats. These would make a fantastic dining and conversation area.

Last but not the least, you need to make sure your double decker patio has ample lighting, since open areas attract unwelcome guests, particularly at night. You also might want to consider installing security devices, such as motion detector lighting or alarm systems.

Source by Merdith Stone