English and Irish pubs are unpretentious places where people can converge, eat a hot meal, and drink tankards of ale or beer. As a pub habitue, you’d want your own personalized pub signs to keep a memento of your visits to famous pubs. No worries, though. There are pubs around where you can carouse with friends and lovers, and enjoy the same olde English atmosphere.

The English Pub

London is famed for its quaint pubs and among the stars are The St. James Tavern, Lamb and Flag, Goat Tavern, and Williams Arms. These are the must-see places for tourists because these have a happy blend of the old and the new. But there are pubs like the Fox and Hounds across England that have retained the Victorian charm with old iron grills, stone fireplaces, and the famous draughts of beer, ale, and cider.

In 1393, pub signs had to be placed outside the home or building, or else those selling beer would be penalized and their beer confiscated. But today, pub signs are advertising come-ons. The pub signs are just as interesting. It’s not strange if you covet them for your personalized pub signs and design your dream bar at home.

You’ll also love the warm stone fireplaces, the vintage bars and the robust pub grub served piping hot, or the bar snacks of pork scratchings (deep-fried pork skins) and peanuts, pickled eggs, and crisps. The pubs are the places to be when you want to be with friends, play dart, dominoes, and skittles, or listen to the music from the ageless piano.

Recreating the English Pub at Home

Can you recreate the English pub right in your own home? Yes! With imagination and resourcefulness, you can bring and English pub to life right in your living room or cellar. It may cost you, but you will be doing away with pricey drinks and the cab fare going home in the wee hours of the morning.

Making your own English pub can be fun and challenging. Before you merrily trot to the hardware, here’s what you should do:

* Decide the place for the bar. It would be best to settle the bar nearest to your fireplace. It’s not only about the look and feel, but a bar near the fireplace can warm your bones during those freezing days and nights while you’re sipping your fiery spirits or beer.

* Measure the dimensions of the designated space to determine seating capacity. Instead of bar stools, get comfortable wooden chairs and a table so you and your friends can sit comfortably.

* Scrounge flea markets for discarded wooden tables and chairs you can refurbish.

* Have a Victorian period look to the grills to place on the walls (for effect).

* Buy all the old candle holders that remind you of old castles.

* Have your coat of arms designed which you can place on the wall in full view of guests to make the ambience more authentic.

For your “opening” night, invite friends over to Shepherd’s pie, sausages, fried mushrooms, and bangers. These are hearty stuff and nice to wash down with Dunkelweiss, hot cider, or Coors that can warm the cockles of your heart.

The Gang’s Here

Welcome your friends to the ambience of an old English pub. The warm glow of the Victorian inspired lamps, a roaring fireplace to ward off the evening chill, and bottomless ale and beer are the things that could delight your friends. A game of darts with soft music in the background will be just perfect for a lazy evening. Recreating your own English pub will give much delight and satisfaction for years to come.

Source by Bradlley Mckoy