As a business owner, your business’ image is important in attracting customers. While service does count, the overall look and feel of your business space is the first step to making a positive first impression and earning a customer’s trust.

The commercial furniture used, including their positioning and the design, contributes to the overall aesthetic design of your venue. Be it be an office, a hotel, a restaurant or a local café, these easy tips for effective furniture designing will certainly boost your business image.

Design a venue as pleasing and as fluid as possible.

Unless you’re creating a garden or a walkway, your business space should not be resemble a laborious walk for your clients. You want customers to feel comfortable so your business venue should be designed in that customers will find it pleasant, easy and welcoming. Customers shouldn’t walk too far to find a chair to sit on. The difference between the main entrance and a chair shouldn’t reach a kilometre. Wall designs, ceilings and other ornaments must go well with your furniture and make the entire space fluid and natural.

Consider all space around the customers to provide comfort.

When designing a venue, attention should be given not only to the quality of the furniture itself, but also to the space where it resides. There should be sufficient space for customers to move around. You would not want customers saying “excuse me” to another every time they need to go somewhere. Place furniture like tables and chairs in such a way that it creates an open and clever design. If space is a constraint, you’d want to consider using stacking chairs instead of wooden furniture. This also conveys a feeling of openness and lets your customers fully savour the experience.

Add a few novel items to the room.

Create a striking ambiance that your customers will surely remember by placing a few smart (though not too quirky) items: a quaint painting on the wall, a wooden frame or canvas, or a miniature exotic herb at the counter. These help create a distinct personality for your brand as well as excellent recall.

Keep counters free of clutter.

A cluttered, disorganized place of business reflects negatively on your image. Be sure to keep wires and cables organized. Remove any unnecessary papers and items on counters. If you need computers, laptops and tablets create a more spacious, more elegant and easier look.

Mix and match furniture the smart way.

Resist the urge to buy furniture in sets just because it’s on sale. Matching sets are so yesterday. It’s okay to have matching oak tables and chairs, but feel free to also match textured surfaces to smooth ones too. Or a white table to ochre chairs. It’s easier to go for safe choices like furniture in sets, but remember that as a business, it’s important that you also establish an identity for your business so that it;s easier for your customers to remember you. And furniture is a practical way to achieve that.

Before you call it final, take a second look.

Place yourself in the shoes of a guest or a customer. If it is your first time to visit, would the design feel inviting? Would you find it pleasant or will it distract you from an enjoyable experience?

In general, there should be more space than there is furniture, and your venue should exude uniqueness, warmth and comfort.

Source by Robert X Richardson