When you first enter the site of the Lawn Chair Millionaire you will notice they flash a large number with $ signs right in front of you. This amount continues to go up as you are on the site. They main motive of this is to create a “fear of loss”. This emotion is the same thing that has been used since you were a child facing peer pressure in the school yard. Well folks, this tactic is used over and over online to get people to emotionally react to that fear of loss. The site continues to promote that the longer you wait the more you will lose. If you choose to wait and opt in to get emails you will be continually bombarded with emails that will promote the same fear of loss.

So how does it pay? First, lets visit how much it is to join? The cost to join the Lawn Chair Millionaire is $80 to start and a monthly fee of $25 to remain in the program. Here is the next thing that you are not aware of as you join the program. You are required to get the company debit card to get paid, which will cost you $39.99, you are actually paying the company to be able to get paid? Huh? Let us recap the cost. $80 to start and $25 a month over three months that would equal $130. Your moneyline commission is only paid on people that joined that day and then you will receive a commission of $15 per month for those that you sponsor as well as a fast start bonus of $20.

Can I make money even if I don’t sponsor? They claim yes! Let us use a moneyline bonus of $80 which is paid out over three months. You would be paid $80 over three months for joining that day and it would cost you $80 plus another $50 for the next two months to cover your monthly fee. In addition you would have to get the $39.99 debit card to get paid. Your total cost would be $169.99 and your payout $80? Huh?

My Lawnchair Millionaire Scam Review conclusion is, while this opportunity is not a scam. To create a true passive income you will need to personally sponsor hundreds of people into this confusing low paying program. I chose to not get involved with Lawnchair Millionaire.

Source by Joshua Valentine