In today’s economy going on an expensive vacation to a fancy resort is not an option for most people. However, the importance of finding time to “get away from it all” couldn’t be greater when times are hard. That is why creating a resort atmosphere at home is so important. Think about all the perks you get at a fancy resort-type hotel such as luxury beach towels, fancy fruity drinks with little umbrellas and straws in them and a fancy gourmet mint chocolate on your pillow before bed. Taking the time to treat yourself and your partner to these little luxuries can create the same happy feelings and warm memories as going away on an expensive vacation.

You don’t even have to have a built-in pool to enjoy your spa getaway at home. You can array the large bath towels in your bathroom and pretend it is a hot tub. Or you could even put a kiddy pool in the backyard surrounded by tiki torches. Extra large beach towels especially the attractive striped beach towels could then be draped over the lawn chairs to create the perfect faux tropical resort setting. Have fun with the idea and remember that unlike the vacation which will be over and gone, the things you purchase for your resort at home can be used again and again which makes your fantasy vacation even more of a good value.

You might also want to consider ordering some carry-out meals from a local restaurant and serving them picnic style on soft beach towels under the stars. You can contrast the picnic blanket with fancy dishes and silverware like you might find at a resort. After dinner you might want to roll up solid beach towels to use as pillows and hold hands while you gaze up at the stars. Who needs the ocean with a view like that?

Tough economic times don’t have to put an end to romance and relaxation. With a little planning you can create your own resort at home using simple items like beach towels and tiki torches. Life is short and you need to make the most of it while you can, because it’s the simple happy moments we share with loved ones that we take with us.

Source by Robert J Yost