A bar can always be adorned by either metal bar stools or the wooden ones. Coming up with a choice from the various designs and styles depends upon the theme chosen by the owner. Most of these bar stools can swivel, be stationary, offer a back-rest or be backless and multiple such combinations can be made available to the user. The price at which these are available is based on the combinations being used by all such stools; apart from the modulations, even the material used for constructing these also affects the cost borne by the customer. More often than not; wooden ones are cheaper than the metal stools.

Apart from commercial use, metal bar stools are also used in a lot of homes with modern decor. It can also be considered to be a style statement for the user of these stools. The structure of the bar stools made from metal is mostly sleek, clean but there is a certain amount of compromise made in terms of the comfort expected from this piece of furniture. The appearance of the bar stool is the only selling point at the cost of comfort which could be drawn from it. There are various styles of bar stools which are available in this category and mostly range between being backless-swivel stools or ones which are padded.

This style gained popularity during the 50's era and seems to be making a good comeback. They are mostly placed around pool tables within gaming parlors. The other kind of bar stools is made of the stationary ones which have a high back and are not supported by any kind of arm-rests. These offer much more comfort than the earlier ones since they provide support to the back in a seating position. Owing to the durable, robust and 100% metal, these are mostly placed in a commercial setting rather than residential ones.

The materials from which these stools are carved vary from chrome, stainless steel, nickel, wrought iron etc amongst many others. The functioning of all these might differ since the composition of all these metals differs from each other. Before making a purchase of any of these stools, it is also essential to have a good understanding of the material from which these are constructed. The ones which are cheap use screws to hold them together whereas the expensive ones are welded together adding to the strength and endurance of the furniture along with an improved quality.

Screws end up posing a challenge to the owner later since the holes continue to get larger in size over a continued period of time as opposed to their counterparts which are welded. The last factor to be taken care of is to ascertain the tube thickness. The strength of this type of stool is directly proportional to the thickness of the tube used for constructing the metallic bar stool. Apart from using metal bar stools as a practical alternative for commercial purposes they can also be considered to be a good option for one's residence.

Source by Paul E Cooper