If you shoot billiards regularly, then at some point you have surely played on a billiard table that was in a room way too small to house it comfortably. Your cue may not have enough room cue to make your shot due to a close wall, or you may have to contort your body into an awkward position due to a support post or other obstacle. And having to raise your billiard cue stick a couple extra feet higher just to make an easy shot is something no shooter ever wants to deal with. Your billiard room size must be large enough to comfortably accommodate not only the current billiard game, but also spectators, other guests, some nice bar furniture, and possibly some complementary games, as well.

Figuring out a minimum billiard room size for a new billiard table is rather simple. First, based on obvious visual dimensions of the room, determine which way the billiard table shall be positioned. Then, take into account cue length, which is usually an average of 58 inches. Finally, take room measurements. These factors will allow you to not only determine what billiard table size to go with, but also whether the room you are measuring is big enough to house a billiard table to begin with. To determine the minimum billiard room size you will need, keep these points in mind:

• Cue sticks are usually about 57-59 inches in length. Keep this pool cue stick measurement in mind, or adjust it accordingly for a shorter or longer pool cue.

• If you have an eight foot long regulation size billiard table, it will be exactly twice as long as it is wide.

Also remember that most regulation size tables are eight or nine feet long, but most recreational, bar and tavern, and home billiard tables are smaller, ranging anywhere from five to eight feet long.

In order to calculate the adequate billiard room size needed for smooth, uninterrupted play, add two cue lengths to each side of the table dimensions. This will allow for a safe and comfortable shot margin. For example, if your cue length is 58 inches, and the dimensions of the billiard table are 48 inches X 96 inches (a standard 4 foot X 8 foot table), then your minimum room dimensions for the billiard table itself are 58 + 58 + 48 by 58 + 58 + 96, totaling 164 inches X 212 inches, or a minimum billiard room size of 13.67 feet X 17.67 feet. A smaller room size than this would necessitate adjustments, such as shorter cue sticks or the possible consideration of a smaller table. And also remember you will need extra space for other billiard room activities, as well.

Source by Matt Warmann