It is not an easy topic for some people to discuss but we all have to face the fact that the rate of obesity has been increasing in the last few years, particularly in developed countries like the United States. In fact, obesity is now being considered to be a major health threat in many areas of the world, which is why doctors and other medical professionals are strongly advising overweight people to do something to reduce their weight.

There are definitely a lot of methods that can be used to lose weight, the most significant of which are exercise and a balanced diet. However, no matter how conscientious you may be in your weight loss efforts, the changes will still not happen overnight. In the meantime, it doesn’t help if you can’t be comfortable in your own home because of the excess weight you are carrying around.

To be more specific, the chairs that are found in most homes these days do not really take into consideration the comfort of obese or overweight people. They may work very well for individuals of normal weight but a heavier person can be prone to backache and joint pains when sitting in a typical chair for a long time.

If you want to experience comfort in your home while you are in the process of trying to lose weight, it would help greatly if you switch to furniture that will give you the comfort and support that your body needs.

Now, it’s been often said that one of the most comfortable chairs in existence today is the papasan chair. For sure, there are very few other seating options can beat the papasan chair in terms of comfort but the question is whether they are durable enough to take on the weight of an obese person or not.

Frankly, a typical papasan chair that is made of rattan or wicker may not be the best choice for someone who is obese. Rattan is a fairly durable material and a well-built chair can safely accommodate weights of up to 250 or even 300 pounds. Beyond this, however, there is considerable risk that the chair will fall apart, not only breaking the frame of the chair but also causing injuries to the person who had unfortunately sat down on it.

So does this mean that overweight people won’t be able to enjoy the experience of lounging in a papasan chair? Not necessarily. These days, there are modern versions of the papasan chair that are made with a more durable material than rattan or wicker. Some of the materials that you can choose from are a stronger type of wood and steel. There are even a few papasan chairs today whose frames are made entirely of PVC, and they are said to be able to comfortably seat a person weighing as much as 400 pounds.

Still, there is the question of getting into and out of the papasan chair. For an overweight person who has never tried sitting on these chairs, just the idea of having to lower your behind onto the seat and then lift it up again afterwards can be very daunting. After all, the chair is designed so that you will inevitably sink into the seat once you sit down. For sure, it can be a challenge to pull yourself out of the chair when it’s time to get up. It can be extra difficult for someone who has a rather small stature and has shorter legs that won’t reach the floor once they are curled up in the chair.

With some practice, and perhaps some assistance from a friend who can pull you up, it is completely possible to get into and out of a papasan chair without breaking your bones or straining your muscles too much. But if you really don’t want to struggle with it every single time, a great alternative would be to buy a new version of the papasan chair, called the rockasan. It is essentially the same as a papasan except that it rocks back and forth just like a regular rocking chair. Getting out of these chairs is easier because you can use the forward rocking motion to help propel you out of the seat.

Another option is to buy a mamasan chair instead, which is double the width of a regular papasan because it is primarily designed to be a loveseat for two people. In addition to being wider, mamasan chairs are also capable of holding heavier weights. It would depend on the durability of the material of the frame, but a mamasan can usually hold as much as 500 pounds at a time.

Just because you are overweight doesn’t mean you should always deprive yourself of the comforts that are enjoyed by people of normal weight. With a durable papasan chair, you can certainly be extremely comfortable, although it is still recommended that you shed some extra pounds and go down to a healthier weight.

Source by L MacDonald