A wedding in your or a family member’s home can be a very personalized experience. Your friends and family may have been to your home many times, so it offers them a comfortable environment. It can also afford you some luxuries you may not have at other venues. You can decorate completely as you choose, and your style is already reflected in your home. You don’t have to worry about what time you, your florist and your caterer can get in the space, or what time you have to leave. Even after the main event has wound down, your closest friends and family can stay long into the night, chatting on the patio, around the fireplace, or the dining room or pool table, if you want.

There are, however, some preparations to do to get your home ready.

1.House and Garden Clean and Spruce Up

– Does something need to be painted (i.e. front door, address plaque)?

– Is there a cluttered room which needs to be cleared?

-Are there rooms that need to be set off limits from guests?

– Does the garden need cleaning? Do you need to weed or plant? Make sure to water a couple of days before, so everything is fresh, but not still soggy wet. And don’t forget to turn your sprinklers off if are on a timer. You don’t need any surprises as the procession down a garden aisle starts.

– Do large potted plants need to be moved?

2. Caterer

– Can the caterer use the kitchen (if so, are there any appliances that need to be repaired)?

-If not, is there place for the caterer to set up a kitchen area?

– Is there storage space for the caterer (perhaps one of those cluttered rooms that’s getting cleared)?

– Ensure there is enough refrigeration space for the caterer’s needs.

-Are there enough electrical outlets? Do you need to pick a power strip or extension cords?

3. Rentals

– Determine your needs. Will you need tables, chairs, linens, a carpet to create an aisle? Have a rep from the rental company, event planner, caterer, or all of them do a walk through of your home.


-Do you have sufficient trash receptacles? Hint- empty them before the wedding.

5. Decor

-Can you put lights or paper lanterns in the trees?

-Will you want to rent some potted trees or plants?

– If you have a pool or a pond, can you float candles or water lilies?

Hint- a rental company can help you decorate your home or yard, adding lighting, a latticework structure to create a bower, even extra furniture).

6. The Wedding Day

– Make sure that items like toilet paper, guest towels, hand soap are handy and in sufficient supply, and perhaps designate someone to make sure they are replenished, if needed.

Finally, you may want to have a house keeper or someone who’s familiar with the house and family (not a member of the wedding party or family- remember- they, too, are there to celebrate- not work) to help your vendors find things and their way around the house, and also act as a liaison to you and your family, or your wedding party or planner.

Source by Gisele Perez