Just think about it. Are you using your children as your stress bin?

What Stress?

The workplace is definitely a place where you tend to accumulate stress in your body and mind. While coming back home you are again stressed with the traffic. On reaching home you find the house cluttered and the children homework is pending, what do you do? You try to stay calm, but you tend to transfer the stress energy to your child when you communicate, either verbally or by action.

How does it transfer to my children when I communicate with them?

You have lots of things stored inside you, the things you collected during the day and many of them are stressful. You do not want to touch them when you reach home. But, any single incident, dialogue can trigger the release or say outburst of this stored stress energy. It could be, your children did not eat properly, the homework is not done, you are unable to decide what to give them in lunch tomorrow or the uniform is not ironed… the list is endless. Even if you speak calm and act calm, the energy gets transferred. The child might not react, but they are affected.

If there is no trigger, does it still affect?

Think about a scenario. You are sitting on your chair thinking about an issue at work. Your child comes and shows his or her drawing to you. He/She is very excited that it was one appreciated in the class by the teacher. How would you react in this situation?

On the other hand, think that instead of thinking about work issue, you were thinking about options for next vacation destination. Would your response be different? If yes, then you are affecting your child even if there is no trigger.

What to do?

The only way is to find a mechanism to get rid of stress before facing your children during the end of the day.

How to get rid of stress?

There are a number of ways to get rid of your stress. Depending on your schedule and facilities available around you can choose one or more ways. You can have a light walk, exercise, play a sport, meditate or something similar. These are the ways in which you can independently get rid of your stress energy.

Can external agency help get rid of my stress?

Yes, you can use energy medicine. Call up your energy medicine practitioner friend and tell him or her to flush out stress from the body. Before you reach home, you are as good as new. Depending on the method the energy medicine practitioner uses, you might have to give some time to the process.

Make sure you are clean from stress energy so that your children are not affected and they get better supportive and motivating environment to grow and develop.

Source by Nazia Hirani