When one hears about Istanbul, one of the first thoughts that come to our minds is its history, huge mosques, bazaars and of course ancient streets that contains some of the best spots to experience authentic Turkish food. The baklava, a traditional Turkish dessert, has its origins around Istanbul!

The city, just like Turkey, vets in it a long, dynamic past behind it. Formerly known as Byzantium or Constantinopleduring the time when Christian emperors ruled, the city became modern day Istanbul only in the 1300s when invading Turkic tribes made Constantinople their home and the seat of power for the upcoming Ottoman empire that ruled almost the whole of Middle East, Balkans, all the way south to the horn of Africa. As the Ottoman empire expanded, so did the city. Turkish tribes, who in their early days were nomadic tribes of Eurasia, soon invaded the declining Byzantium and after a successful campaign, Mehmet II, one of the most influential of the Ottoman sultans successfully took Constantinople and transformed it into an Islamic center of art, literature and of course, the capital of the Ottoman empire that would keep expanding in the next two centuries.

So, much like the history behind the city’s rulers, there is history behind the city’s economic life and activity. The oddest portion is the eastern section of the city, just across the Bosporus strait lined with medieval structures, ancient remnants of the past, not to forget the Hippodrome that once existed here, a huge complex that was once used to hold sports events especially chariot racing. However, the real Istanbul property lies in the western section that is the modern version of the city and makes Istanbul a truly metropolitan region. Heavily industrialized and organized at par with modern financial cities of the world, the western edge is both beautiful and comfortable with its Mediterranean climate, the morning fog and of course, the blue sea of the Bosporus!

Property for sale in Istanbul is primarily in this region. From sky reaching residential apartments, offering 3-4 bedrooms and commercial centers and hotel apartments complete with full quality furnishings and furniture, the western section gives you the best standard of living nowhere to be found in Eurasia while giving an intense tourist experience when you land in the eastern section.

I ensure that every investor coming to Istanbul gets first hand information before deciding on which venture to invest in. Istanbul offers a wide range of properties.

Source by Timsah Ajans