Well-toned body and muscles galore

He could take any opponent to the floor

His physical appearance was his female hook

You could tell by the names in his little black book

He could walk in and with just a glance

Pick or discard tight female pants

He was a hunk, oh yes indeed

That’s what made his love life succeed

But that was years ago

And times change as we all know

What once made the ladies eyes twinkle

Has now turned to flab and wrinkle

His body once was a female must

But times change as we’ve discussed

Flabby and frumpy and downright pathetic

Are we to discard or be sympathetic?

In his day there was another kind

Charming, sincere, and wit of mind

A quick thinker to some and clever to a few

He was good looking of course and always made do

He was a thinker and always sincere

Gutsy and daring like Paul Revere

Personality and individuality baited his hook

He didn’t care about having a black book

He sought to share everything with only one

A special female who loved life and a good pun

He was particular, oh yes indeed

She was a must for his life to succeed

Times would change, this he knew

Positive though that he would make do

But time makes personality and charm expand

To strengthen the vows of a wedding band

The moral here should be quite clear

Don’t be fooled by what is today and near

Open your heart wide to perceive the distance

Do it every day and with persistence

Or to put it another way

Every man in this world has his plight

Some are in it just for the fight

But it continues indefinitely both day and night

This mad race for the one who’s just right

Step into the present now and look around

And discover what this writer has found

Time strengthens a wedding vow

Don’t ask me why or how

Just look to the elderly couples of years

Those who have shared the heartache and tears

As they sit quietly rocking their chairs together

Through the storms and sunshine of love weather

Each heartbeat of his is for her

And that has made their lives together endure

Her eyes though aged are wiser than ever

She’s been through all kinds of love weather

His armor lacks shine as he passes into permanent night

But she’ll always love her rusty knight

Source by Lazz Laszlo