In this article, I will look at the most important equipment that you will need to set up your efficient butchery.

  1. Electronic Carcass Scale. For your butchery to be efficient and accurate in meat sales, it’s wise to invest in a carcass scale that will electronically weigh the meat. This will ensure that the weight/cost ratio will be quickly calculated and accurate. Your customers will appreciate this.
  2. Butcher Block and Stand. You may be thinking of getting any type of table for placing and cutting meat on. Perhaps you need to think twice before making that decision. A butcher block is specifically designed for the cutting of meat. It has a tough coated worktop, is constructed for heavy duty use and, in most cases, it even has a convenient knife holder.
  3. Bandsaw. The bandsaw is used for slicing large pieces of meat into smaller portions. It quickly and easily cuts through meat. It is built for effortless use and to increase the productivity of your butchery.
  4. Mincer. This piece of butchery equipment is ideal for mincing meat. Be sure to find one where the worm and cylinder are made from stainless steel. This is necessary for hygiene. A heavy duty gearbox is also an advantage because your mincer should form part of your butchery for a long time.
  5. Patty Machine. This is a great type of butchery machine to have. You can increase your meat product range, by offering your own brand of patties. By making your own flavoured patties or burgers, you gain an advantage over your competitors.
  6. Sausage Filler. To improve your competitive edge, you can add your own range of speciality sausages. The sausage filler makes the sausage making process so much quicker and easier.
  7. Tenderiser Machine. This machine is ideal for tenderising steak on a large scale. You can produce tender steak in bulk within a shorter period.
  8. Smoking Cabinet. This type of butcher equipment is suitable for smoking your choice of meat. Adding that sought after smoked flavour that is loved by many customers.
  9. Cooker Cabinet. The cooker cabinet is made especially for butchers. In it, the option is available to either steam, cook or grill the meat. You can then offer your customers a choice of ready cooked meat.
  10. Biltong Cabinet. This is a biltong making machine that is used to cure the meat within a temperature controlled environment.
  11. Biltong Slicer. Once you’ve processed the biltong, slicing it is the next step. So that you can have a finished product in bite-sized pieces that are ready for your customers to enjoy.
  12. Vacuum Pack Machine. No butchery is complete without this equipment. The vacuum pack machine seals the meat completely which keeps it fresh for longer.

To get your butchery off to a good start, be sure to invest in good quality butchery equipment.

Source by Stana Peete