Those living in Homosassa, Florida know that it can be hard to find something fun to go out and enjoy locally on a Friday night. It can take half the fun out of your evening knowing that when its over you have at least an hour drive back from places like Ocala or Tampa, not to mention running the risk of getting pulled over in the early hours of the morning. And staying at home with a TV or computer screen isn’t a very special way to end your week and start relaxing. So just where is a local happening place to have a great start to your weekend?

Colonel Frogs in Homosassa, Fl.

This casual, relaxed, music-filled bar may not have food (anymore), but the Colonel definitely has some of the best bartenders and drink mixers in Citrus County. The old wooden structure has a continuous and heavy flow of regulars, but it also has a healthy amount of newbies and visitors. Some people go to just sit in the corner and enjoy their drink by themselves as they listen to the karaoke, and there are plenty of regulars who do just that on any night of the week. But so many more go to take full advantage of doing karaoke themselves. While waiting for a turn at the microphone, Colonel Frog’s guests in Homosassa, FL, shoot pool, relax on the front porch in some rocking chairs, or listen to some of the local legends from guests who have been visiting The Colonel as long as he’s been around to visit. There is also plenty of couples and line dancing for those who enjoy being a bit more active mixed in with all the karaoke.

Of course, Colonel Frogs in Homosassa, FL is open and available for fun on more than just Friday nights. Don’t know where to find this hot spot in Homosassa, Florida? Colonel Frogs has a very large, very appropriate sign on the side of Hwy 19 (also known as S. Suncoast Blvd.), across the street from Ace Hardware. For those of you who are dependent on your GPS, their address is 3171 S Stonebrook Dr, Homosassa, FL 34448. At night, their sign (which is cut out and painted in the image of a frog holding a drink) can be easily spotted from the highway as it has spotlights on both sides. While this local hotspot is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, it certainly makes up for it the rest of the week! Not closing until 2 o’clock in the morning means that the party (and your Friday night) is never cut short and no one is forced to go home before they want to.

There may be classier and younger bars outside of Citrus County, Florida, but there is no bar, inside or outside of Homosassa, Florida, that has friendlier faces.

Source by Andrew L Hallinan