Let us pretend in a few minutes that you are just an ordinary person and not a manager or restaurant owner. Let's imagine that you and your family are in a vacation to a beautiful city and looking forward to taking them out to eat in a restaurant that serves your favorite food. So you are all excited to enjoy your dinner one night and head over to the place. As you enter the venue, the atmosphere seems lively and inviting, and then one of the wait staff takes you to your table.

You notice on your way to your table that everything seems cramped. The spaces between tables are too close. After you all sit down to the chairs, you see the reactions to the faces of your family that they not feel comfortable at all. The reason why you are in a vacation is to relax that's why you wanted to be able to find a nice restaurant that will provide you with a total comfort and good food. However, the chair you are sitting is worse than the one you have sat in a train station.

Your wife and kids are already complaining by the time the appetizer arrives that chairs are not comfortable. The appetizers might have been good after you taste it, but you just do not care much because you are uncomfortable with your chair and your family as well. When the main course arrives, you are even more uncomfortable because people trying to get past your table bumped you over and over again that almost spilled your drinks. This would get you frustrated and lost your concentration to the food you eat. Once it is all over, you will return home unhappy and immediately write a negative review about the restaurant online. And only because of the bad restaurant seating they have.

Now, let's go back to your true self, you as being a manager or an owner of a restaurant.

Is this example an exaggeration? Not really.

You did not notice, but most people really pay close attention to things like the scenario above when they go to restaurants. You as the manager or the owner of a dining establishment, it is your responsibility to make sure that these types of problems will never happen to your place. You can avoid such problems by doing enough research before buying the chairs and other restaurant furniture for your restaurant. You want to provide your customers with comfortable restaurant seating that will let them enjoy the food and relax at the same time.

Remove one or two tables and rearrange them if needed to give your customers with enough space to move while eating their meal. If you think removing a table will create a huge impact to your income, then you're wrong. You can still make more money even with fewer tables as long as you have happy and satisfied customers who keep coming back.

Source by Ian Ace Jusa Espinosa