As the advertising copy on the Hermann Miller website says, “you will find Hermann Miller anywhere people work, live, learn, and heal.” Hermann Miller is the widely recognized maker of furniture, with locations throughout the world. Hermann Miller (HM) is synonymous with design excellence, and with design that conforms to the function of the furniture.

One sign of the seriousness with which HM takes the role of functionality is the research that the company produces and shares with customers and potential customers around the world. HM furniture is not just beautiful and practical, it is the product of a lot of thought. These research goes beyond the thinking around how form follows function in good design, and looks at other issues, like why people meet, and how to make office meetings more effective. HM takes a holistic view to its design process, as evidenced by this research.

Hermann Miller Chairs HM designs and manufactures many different types of chairs. You can find HM work chairs, side chairs, multipurpose chairs, stacking chairs, lounge seating, public seating, benches, stools, patient seating, and classic seating. The HM Aeron chair is perhaps its most famous. This chair, designed in 1994, almost never saw the light of day as initial reaction to it was poor. Most people who saw the early versions predicted that there was absolutely no market for the chair. Its design, which is now considered a highly successful classic of design excellence, was off-putting. The seat material is a kind of mesh, which was not used at that time. And the overall look was starkly different from all other existing chairs on the market at that time. But there is a wider range than the Aeron chair.

Take the Capri chair for example. This chair takes the classic leather chair to a new level with a highly distinct design flair. And HM makes a series of couches as well, that like the Capri, are made of leather outers. There are even a few funky options for HM chairs, including the Tato, Tatino and Tatone. These brightly colored chairs look a little like jelly beans, eggs or bagels. They offer flexible seats and sturdy bases and add an air of whimsy to any room they occupy.

Pricing of HM furniture Hermann Miller is a high-end furniture designer and manufacturer, and the costs of the pieces reflect that image and history for quality. These are not the types of chairs that people get when they are looking for the most economical purchase. They are better suited to high-end office environments and well-appointed homes. HM has long been a recognized leader in the area of furniture design. While most famous, perhaps, for the Aeron chair, which swept through office spaces everywhere beginning in the mid 1990s, the company has long produced some of the most beautiful and functionally sound furniture in the world.

Source by Rita Lambros-Segur