Make your next home improvement project a frustration-free success by keep the following tips in mind. You’ll be glad you did.

– Utilize standard readily-accessible materials. In a time crunch, steer clear of custom or personalized items that may require a greater period of time to produce before they can be shipped to you. Standard items are usually stored in a warehouse and can be shipped very close to the purchase date when no alterations are essential.

– Use a suspended tile ceiling in your basement. Though you may like the finished look of a solid drywall ceiling, there are many reasons that a suspended tile basement will be much more advantageous. For one thing, it is highly economical as a material by itself. However, it is also very helpful in case you need to access your wiring, plumbing, or ducts, as you can simply lift the tile right out of the ceiling. With drywall, you’d have to cut a hole, then reassemble, sand, and repaint every time you needed access.

– Incorporate a kid-friendly kitchen workstation. Children love to cook and to help in meal preparation. Moreover, the sooner they start learning, the better their dietary habits are likely to be as they mature. Install varying heights of countertop, making certain at least one segment is a good height for your child so that he or she can work comfortably. This will encourage greater involvement from your child, and is much safer than having him or her work at a countertop with a normal height, while standing on a stool.

– Make use of wall taps and power bars (strips) with off switches and surge protectors. Many of your appliances and electronics will continue to draw electricity even when they’re off. This is what’s called “ghost energy consumption”. It is especially high among appliances and electronics with clocks and other features that are always running. Wall taps and power bars that can be shut off will give your devices a longer life and can decrease your power usage.

– Employ a professional cleaner after the renovation. When your refurbishments are complete, hire a good cleaning team to give your house a complete cleaning with high quality supplies and methods. This will save you from a significant cleaning effort throughout the house and will get rid of a lot of the dust that would otherwise continue to flow through your home for the following year or more. The professionals won’t be able to get every fleck of sheetrock dust, but they will make a big and welcome difference.

Source by Gerald Tommey