From so many years, furniture has been used by almost every one and it has been extensively used especially for kids in many ways. This means that you will come across so many choices while planning a rocking horse for your child. Children always like a rocking horse instead of a simple chair. Rocking horses are loved by children as playing with them is always fun and they are available in number of varieties as well.

Rocking horse has a long history; in early 400 B.C such horses were found in Greece and Persia. Later, in time period of 1300, tournaments were arranged on wheeled horses for children. In 19th century pull-horses were introduced.

Early Rocking horses featured four wheels on each side and a round barrel shaped body. They were made such that, legs of the child could easily touch the ground and child could move the horse forth and back quiet easily. Another type of horse was very popular which was called Simple hobby horse, with stated heads which was fixed on broomsticks.

The art of crafting wooden rocking horses was gone astray during 20th century, but presently they are widely preferred by parents all around the world for their children, due to toughness and beauty of wooden toys. In some families wooden toys are passed from one generation to another, along with memories of childhood period.

Presently, a wide range of materials are used for making of a rocking-horse, commonly stuffed plush or plastic is used for making less expensive rocking-horses, such horses are highly affordable as their price is as cheap as 20 dollars. This small price is nothing to pay, for the hours of pleasure and fun that is acquired by rocking-horse.

The modern rocking-horses are copy of a pony, usually with a long mane that goes outwards with handles attached to it. Mane of some rocking-horses, are made of the real hair of horse, while mane of other rocking horses are made up of plastic or wood. Some horses are made according to traditional look of reins and a saddle for high quality riding experience, which are always loved by children who want their horse to look like an original one. Some rocking-horses have unique natural looks, which enable a child to imagine that he or she has got a real pony from wild grasslands.

Seating is another important feature, which is dependable on the type of rocking-horse. However, some of the rocking horses have a chair back which helps a young horse rider to get an easier grip. Most of the horses have a back that is removable so that when your child gets old, back can be removed and child would be able to sit on the piece of furniture without any help or support. Rocking-horses are mostly made for children of 9 months to 3 years. But many top manufacturing companies have started making rocking horses for age group from 3 to 8 years as well.

It is a bit hard job to find a rocking-horse if your child is 10 or 12 years old. But rocking-horses are easily available for children of 9 months to 8 years. Some parents prefer simple wooden horse, with out any additional feature or decoration. However, your child may be more amused by a rocking horse of different colours and shades.

Source by Renshaw Jones